Read More So far we recorded more than fifty
(50) original songs. Those songs are available
on CD, DVD and flash.
Gospel Songs
Donate Now We donate Bibles and Books to help educating
the wider society on various issues
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Read More ELLES managed to bring three thousand (3000) souls
to Christ through baptism.
Baptism and Construction of Churches

Ellen Evangelistic Singers

Ellen Evangelistic Singers is a group that seeks to provide various social services and spread the word of God in Tanzania and beyond through singing and preaching.

Ellen Evangelistic Singers (ELLES) run evangelistic activities through the provision of social services gospel music and preaching the word of God in Tanzania, especially in unentered rural areas. ELLES as a group started in the City of Dar es Salaam in 2013. Most members of the group come from the same family. The ministry of this group, whose members are mostly from one family, started after their mother, Ellen Minza Kalabaga, died in 2012. Read More


What We Do To Serve our Community Best


ELLES As a singing group, ELLES has grown to have big in number as it has about twenty choir members. So far they recorded more than fifty (50) original songs.


ELLES, through the evangelistic campaigns they conducted in the rural areas and in their local societies, ELLES also offered a variety of various social services as outlined above.


In the first five years since its inception only (i.e. 2013-2018), ELLES managed to bring three thousand (3000) souls to Christ through baptism.

ELLES Evangelistic Activities

The results from the one-week program in 2013 simulated encouraged ELLES to do more evangelistic work. The Seventh-day Adventist Church at Nyangokolwa SDA in Bariadi wanted also to engaged the group in them for three weeks evangelistic program in the following year (i.e. 2014). They loved the idea but the challenge was question was, what would be the source of funding.? God gave them the vision to raise save money from among themselves.

Thus, in 2014 they raised enough money to  buy 200 Bibles,  200 Christian Hymnals(Swahili) and 500 other religious books. Whenthe three week evangelicalistic campaign was done,  more than 200 people were converted and got baptized.

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