ELLES was established for the following objectives:

i. To spread the gospel in Tanzania, East Africa and around the world through singing, preaching and social services.
ii. To educate the society through awareness programs on various issues related to health, family matters/marriage, youth life style, entrepreneurship, etc.
iii. To donate food and clothes to those in need while executing their evagelistic programs.
iv. To distribute wholesome publications to members of society as a way of enhancing their spirituall mental and social aspects.
v. To record gospel songs and make them avaible to the general public through CDs, DVDs, flash, online outlets as well as through radio and TV.
vi. To participate in singing programs at evangelistic campaigns, conferences, seminars, workshops, music concerts, etc.
vii. To establish a media center and help young people and the society at large to record their songs.
viii. To provide counseling services to various people in the society, comforting those who are disheartened, etc.
ix. To start entrepreneurship activities for generating funds to support missionary programs, supporting the needy and society at large.
x. To support and empower members of the group spiritually, academically, physically, and economically,.

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